Sewing Room Storage Ideas On A Budget, My Birthday Present

Now that I have my sewing room cleaned up it’s time to get some organization to all my fabric stash. I’ve got fabric mostly in big tubs and my projects are all over the place.  Are you like me and looking for some sewing room storage ideas on a budget? I don’t want to pay a bunch of money for more storage tubs.

Sewing Room Storage Ideas On A Budget

Sewing Room Storage Ideas On A Budget

I was looking on Instagram the other day and noticed a few ladies talking about these stackable storage containers that have a lid that is attached. I just had to find out where they got them. Several of them commented on how awesome they are for storing your latest sewing projects in.  I went right away and ordered some for myself.  Just in time for my birthday.

Stackable Fabric Storage Containers

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What I like the best about them is that the lid is attached and they are clear. No more losing the lid to the containers when they get too full. (Yes, I do tend to over stuff sometimes.)

Sewing Room Storage Ideas On a Budget

I can clearly see what is in each tub. And they are small enough to fit into my sewing cabinet. Now I have six projects ready to go and when I’m reading or stuck on what to sew up next. I just pull out one of my tubs. Yes, no more digging around to find that project I already have cut out.

Sewing Room Storage Ideas Cabinet

I also bought this sewing cabinet years ago and Just LOVE it!! It’s very nicely made and I’ve used it for many projects. What I love most about it is that I can just shut the door and all my mess is inside, totally hidden from view.

Sewing Room Storage Ideas Armorie Cabinet

What I love about this cabinet is the drop down table. It’s heavy and that’s what I love about it. It’s well made and very nice when it’s set up. I know it will last and it has for many years now.

Sewing Room Storage Ideas Armorie Cabinet

I added some stick on hooks I bought at the dollar store to hang up my rulers on one of the doors. It’s great they are out of the way but when I need them I don’t have to dig around for them. They are always right there on the door. I love getting my sewing room organized!

Sewing Room Organize ideas

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I can’t tell you how much I love my sewing cabinet. One year I had my embroidery machine set up on it and sewed items for a month everyday getting things ready for a craft show I was doing. It heavy duty and is so nice after all these years of owning it. Still looks new, except for the tape residue on the table. Oops! It took me a couple days to put it all together but it’s so worth it.

Hope this helps you get some of your sewing projects organized and on a budget too. I love saving money when I can.





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