Reversible Stripy Table Runner Pattern Free

I just bought a new table for the dinning room, now I need a table runner to jazz it up a bit. I couldn’t find what I wanted after doing a brief search so I made my own. Below is a tutorial on reversible stripy table runner pattern for free.

Reversible Stripy Table Runner Pattern Free

This table runner is made of strips of fabric that I sewed to my batting then trimmed it to match the back side. Today I’m going to show you a easy way to make it look like a stripy table runner without all the sewing.

You just pick a fabric that looks like it’s stripy already! See how this fabric looks like it was pieced together?

Reversible Table Runner

How To Sew A Reversible Table Runner

It’s really easy pattern to make with just a few supplies and about an hour of your time, you can have your own new reversible table runner. It’s almost Halloween and I had this really cute fabric in my stash but any fabric will do, just pick two different fabrics that kinda match. Remember I’m stash busting this year and trying to get rid of all the horde of fabric I have in bins in my craft room. I’ll be using fabric that I already have on hand.

I also chose an orange fabric print on the back side so I can just flip it over for Thanksgiving. That way I can use it for more than a few weeks, but extend it for a couple of months. Let’s look at the supplies you should have on hand before we begin.

Free Reversible Stripy Table Runner Pattern

This pattern is beginner friendly and easy for a child to sew. I love easy sewing, I’m a big fan of that.

Supplies Needed:

Finished size: 12″ x 42″

Sewing machine
1/2 Yard each front and back
Quilt Batting or fleece

1.The first thing you want to do is iron your fabric flat. Some people pre-wash fabric, but I’m not a fan of ironing a bunch of fabric so instead I sew on fabric not washed for most of my projects, unless I’m sewing clothing, that’s the only time I pre wash my new fabric.

2. Now you want to cut out your fabric, the back piece, the front piece and the quilt batting or anything like fleece will work for the center piece as you won’t be seeing it from the outside. It just looks and feels better with the batting in the middle. My batting is more thin but makes the finished piece look more store bought than handmade when finished.

Reversible Table Runner 1

3. Pin the bottom piece to the batting. Don’t worry about if the batting is a little bigger than the bottom piece. It’s better to have more batting sticking out on the sides in case it slips some while sewing. You will be cutting that off before the next step. Be sure to pin all around the piece they will help keep everything from slipping as you sew all the way around in the next step.

Scrappy Table Runner Note: If you are making the stripy version of this then you’ll want to cut strips of fabric about 1 1/2 strips of fabric and then sew them to a piece of 12 x 42 inch of quilt batting, one piece at a time. (I’ll give a tutorial of that a little later.) Then when you’re finished skip down to where you sew on the front side.

How To Sew A Reversible Table Runner

Reversible Table Runner 2

4. Next you want to sew  your back piece of fabric to your batting all the way around about a 1/4 inch. I just love this reversible stripy table runner pattern because it’s easy for beginners and it’s really a quick sew.

Reversible Table Runner 3

5. After you sew all the way around you’ll  want press the fabric again and then trim off the overhang of quilt batting so that is the same size as the back piece of fabric of your reversible stripy table runner.

Reversible Table Runner 4

6. Now that you’ve trimmed off the quilt batting to match. You want to pin the front of your reversible  table runner to the back piece you just sewed. Fabric facing each other, in other words. Right sides together.

Reversible Table Runner 5

Press the fabric with your hot iron, then pin. I’m a little rusting at sewing, but I promise it will all look good when you’re finished. There are no mistakes in sewing, that’s what a seam ripper is for. But for me I just keep sewing and fix it as I go. 😃

*Important* Be sure to leave 4 or 5 inches on one side that you will not sew. I like to make little “X” with my pins to mark off where to stop sewing.

Start sewing at one side of your “X” all the way around to the next “X” leaving that 4 or 5 inches open so it can be turned inside out. I like to go backward for a couple times when I’m first starting out sewing, just a couple stitches to tack the thread into place, so it won’t come undone so easily.  I do this at the beginning and the end of sewing. It’s not that important with this table runner but it’s a good habit to get into doing each time.

That’s just something I’ve always done, others might not do it at all.

Reversible Table Runner 6

I know it looks like I’m really sewing in a lot but my fabric on that side was way under there. You can trim off before you sew to make them match up better. But like I said, little rusty. What I wanted to show here is the way I pin so I know when to stop sewing. I make an “X” with my pins. That means stop sewing.

This is so you will be able to turn the table runner inside out.

7. Take your table runner to your cutting board and trim off all seams to 1/4″ and clip the corners, be sure not to cut your sewn seams.

8. Turn inside out and press. You will press down the hole that you just pulled everything out of, press and pin.

9. Sew the opening closed staying close to the edge of the fabric, sewing through all thicknesses. Be sure not to sew over you needles this will tear up your machine. (You can hand sew this closed if you want, but I prefer to have it look more finished, with a top stitch all the way around the piece.

Reversible Table Runner 10

Keep sewing all the way around to make a nice top stitch finish to your table runner.

Reversible Table Runner 7

Pro Tip: When you are about to turn a corner…(Oh my look how much I need to clean off my machine of it’s lent! Yikes.)  When you get almost to the end of the fabric, put the needle in the down position, then pull up on the foot, pivot your fabric until you’re heading down the right direction, put down the foot and start sewing again. This will give you a nice finished look to your table runner.

Reversible Table Runner 7



10. Take off the machine and press. Done! See how easy that was and now look at how wonderful my new dinning room table looks.

Reversible Table Runner 11

I hope enjoyed my little free tutorial on making your own reversible stripy table runner pattern. Let us know how it turned out.

Michelle  🌺

Reversible Strippy Table Runner Pattern Free

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