Gift Ideas For Someone Who Loves To Sew

I would love if everyone would buy me something for my sewing room. But if you don’t sew then that can be a challenge. So what are some gift ideas for someone who loves to sew like me? I’ve made a list of some of my favorite tools that won’t break your wallet and your friend will be so happy.

Cool Gift Ideas for someone who loves to sew

I’m thinking of some basic things that a sewer will need. A sewing machine which she more than likely has now. Some fabric, you can never have enough fabric if your a sewer, you could buy a gift card from Joann’s or Amazon. Then they can buy what they want. That would be sweet!

Gifts For Sewers

Gift ideas for someone who loves to sew

Super cute small scissors for someone who loves to sew

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I bought these super cute scissors to keep at my sewing machine and LOVE them so much. My old ones wouldn’t even cut anymore. Many sewers end up buying material and thread and pass up getting the essentials like scissors. These would a cute gift idea for someone who loves to sew, so many uses for these.

Gifts For Sewers

Little tin of plastic clips for sewing

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I also bought this little tin of clips. They are perfect for holding down fabric instead of using pins. They are amazing. No  more getting pricked in the finger when sewing with these little gems. It took me years to buy them, I was using 5 that I had bought on sale years ago, and decided to buy this little tin full for my next sewing project. Great little gift that your sewing friend will love so much.


Best Gift Ideas for someone who loves to sew

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Like I said before you can never have enough fabric and not all fabric is worth  having. As a sewer myself I really love quality fabric and the stuff you get at the local Walmart is not that nice of fabric. But if you get a name brand you can count out you know that it will be nice. I love this fabric brand and anything you buy from them will be nice.

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This is in my cart to buy. I’ve seen these on other sewers machines and they love them. It’s usually really dark sewing. Because you are in a dark corner of the room with your back to the light and sewing with your eye’s all squinted up. lol! Everyone is raving about sticking these simple LED lights to the machine and are amazed at the difference it makes. Your sewing friend will LOVE this light.

Best Gifts For sewers

CLOVER 7811 Hot Ruler Press Perfect

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Pressing is a constant things with someone who sews. I’m sure they have an iron and ironing board but this little tool would be amazing to use when you need to press a seam. Way better than guessing at it. You can iron right over the ruler. Great tool for sewing.

Cool Gift Ideas For Someone Who Loves To Sew

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