About Michelle


Hello and Welcome to my Sewing Blog, Funky Chicken Sews!

Michelle here! I wanted to get back into sewing and really use up some of my fabric I’ve hoarded over the years. I really love buying fabric, but just hate to use it up for some reason. Not any more, with tubs of fabric to sew up, I thought it would be great fun to share some of my creative things I will be making the next year.

And along the way share with you some of my sewing tips I’ve learned over the years. I can never remember not having a sewing machine. No toy machines for me. I had a real one from the start. You see my mom was a very good seamstress and used to make men’s suits back in the 70’s.

She had the best sewing room, it was in our basement, she painted up three dressers to store her fabric. I had my own little sewing table. We spent lots of fun times in her sewing room. Of course when I took Home Ec in school, I got into trouble, because I thought I knew more than the teacher, I probably did, but my attitude wasn’t the best. I remember storming back to my machine mumbling how stupid I thought the teacher was for making me rip out the seam. lol! Fun times!

Join me as I do some heavy duty stash busting in my own sewing room. It doesn’t matter if you just got started sewing, I only like to make really simple projects. And I’ll be doing a lot of scrappy sewing, my Favorite!


Michelle 🌺