Easy Halloween Table Runner Sewing Project

Last month’s sewing project was to finish up my easy Halloween table runner. We bought a new dinning room table from the thrift shop, it turned out to be a brand new set that was made from our local furniture factory in town.

Easy Halloween Table Runner Sewing Project

The business went under a few years ago and we were lucky enough to find this dinning room set hidden behind a big stack of mattresses at the thrift shop. The piece had 8 chairs and two inserts to make the table bigger.

Click Here For Easy Halloween Table Runner Tutorial

We opted to just having the 6 chairs and converted the tiny living room next to my kitchen into a dinning room. We had plans to do this from the start when we bought the place over 10 years ago but we never did anything about that. We were going to add on to our house, but not sure if that will ever get done.

I’m very happy that I now have a nice place for my family to all eat at the same table over the holiday’s. Before we were sitting at our tiny 3 chair table and the snack bar. This makes it so much easier not having to crane my neck to talk to my guests.

Easy Halloween Table Runner Reversible

Mom’s Birthday Celebration

My mom’s birthday is the day before Halloween. So I invited her over for a little birthday celebration. I had to sew up something cute for the center of the table, so I made an easy Halloween table runner with just a couple pieces of fabric from my stash.

It took me only a short time to finish and it turned out really nice, I added a couple pumpkins and it look amazing! So much so, that I’ve not even taken it off the table yet. Need to start making my next table runner for Thanksgiving now, but I might just skip that and go straight into Christmas!

Easy Halloween Table Runner Reversible

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