Cleaning My Sewing Room For Some Scrappy Sewing

Well It’s time to start sewing. First thing on the list is cleaning my sewing room, so I have a place to sew. Actually I’ll be cleaning a corner of my office, moving a shelf that has nothing but junk on it and replacing it with my sewing machine and supplies.

Cleaning My Craft Room

I’ve been bored lately, nothing is fun anymore. I’m tired of reading romance novels, ( I know! How can that be possible?!)

I just don’t feel like doing anything, then I started seeing these really cute scrappy table runners all over the place.

I’m thinking to myself…(I can make that!).

I started digging around in my closet and dug out my sewing machine and some fabric and that’s just what I did. I made a really cute scrappy table runner for fall. Now all I’m doing is thinking about sewing.

YES! I got my mojo back, things are looking up again. I have a purpose and am excited about using up my large stockpile of fabric that I’ve been collecting for years. I even bought these storage containers to keep my current projects in and I love them.

Organizing Fabric in My Craft Room

First Scrappy Project

Scrappy Table Runner For Fall

That made me want to create my own sewing space again, so I could sew all the time. And that’s just what I did. This little scrappy project took a couple of days because the first day I was busy cleaning. You can find the tutorial here on making a funky table runner,  just like the one in the picture. It’s so easy to make too!

Clean my sewing room

I’ve got me a cute little corner of my office cleaned up and now I can sew any time I want to and it won’t interfere with anything else. I love it, really gets my created juices flowing. I feel much better and have so many things I want to make.  I started a notebook and wrote down at least 10 things that I can sew that will use up some of my stash. Cool!

Stash buster started!

First Project Done! Check! My fall scrappy table runner. Hubby even put his dirty drill on it when he hung up my shelf. Shame on him. Oh well. That’s what it’s for anyway.

Cleaning My Sewing Room! Check!

Next Project...A new curtain, for sure! That one is purple and from the 80’s. Yikes! You can tell I don’t like to buy new curtains, I make my own.

I hope you’ll stick around and see what I’m sewing next.

What are you sewing? Leave us a comment below.


Michelle 🌺

Cleaning my sewing room


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