Best Singer Sewing Machine Under $200

Everyone has their favorite sewing machine, I really like the Singer models but some of them can be really expensive. I went in search for the best singer sewing machine under $200.

Feature Best Singer Sewing Machine Under 200

I recommend you do your research before buying any sewing machine. Reading reviews and testing them out if you can. (Note: When reading reviews remember that some people don’t know how to sew, thus they have problems with the machine which is easily fixed by cleaning out the bobbin area or re-threading the machine.)

But I’ll try and give you my thoughts an inexpensive model that has the the most features. Like I said before, buy the most expensive machine you can afford at the time. I’m not saying you should fork over tens of thousands of dollars.

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No those machines are WAY overpriced. You can pick up a machine online that has just as many features for less money. I know I’ve bought quite a few machines. One really good way to tell a good machine is to notice what the professionals are sewing with, and no not the machines that they are reviewing. Those are loaner machines.

Most professional sewers sew on just an ordinary machine. You really only need a machine to sew front and back, have a drop in bobbin, that winds the bobbin and threads the needle and has a walking foot if possible and zigzag stitch. The more feet that come with the machine the better.

Best Singer Sewing Machine Under $200

Best Singer Sewing Machine Under $200

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I really like the Singer 7258 100 stitch computerized sewing machine with 76 decorative stitches.

Pros: Has Drop in bobbin, Drop down needle for easy turning, Threader and automatic thread cutter (I love that!) See through bobbin cover so you can see when the bottom thread is almost gone. It is a work horse machine and will sew through denim fabric, just buy the correct needles for that kind of sewing.

Cons: Some reviews from 2016 had some issues, but the recent reviews are glowing. Just remember this is a $200 machine. You won’t be getting the same quality of the more expensive machines but for the money I think it’s a really awesome machine if you’re just getting started sewing and don’t want to invest in an expensive machine.

What I love about this machine is that it has a lot of stitches and it’s a workhorse machine. So you can do anything with it as long as you have the proper needles installed. It has all the features that the expensive machines has and you can buy this one for under $200. I love that!

  • Easy Threading with built-in needle threader.
  • Easy to load top drop in bobbin holder with clear cover.
  • LED lighted workspace with long lasting bulb.
  • 6 built in 1 step buttonholes.
  • Programmable needle up/down for applique, quilting, pivoting fabric.
  • Stitch selection that simple and easy to find.
  • Bobbin winder that stops when full.
  • 100 built-in stitches, 9 basic, 8 stretch, 76 decorative, 7 button holes.
  • 10 presser feet with accessories
  • Plastic dust cover
  • DVD
  • Weight 15lbs

I hope this helped you decide if you like my pick for the best Singer sewing machine under $200. I really like all the features and the price.


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