Best Sewing Machine Under $200

I love this time of year! Many people are thinking about getting started sewing and buying their first sewing machine for a Christmas gift. I thought I would start with the beginner sewing machines and make a post The best sewing machine under $200.

If you do any looking at all you’ll soon be overwhelmed with all the machines out there. I’m here to give you some tips on finding the perfect machine for the best price possible. I have a problem…I’m addicted to sewing machines. I just can’t help myself, when we are out and about at thrift shops I run into a lot of old machines for sale.

And hubby has blessed me with many that he picked up for a song. Only problem most of them are not worth what he paid for them at thrift shop prices.

Best Sewing Machines Under 200 for 2019

One advice I would give anyone who is thinking of buying a machine for themselves is to buy the most expensive machine you can afford at the time. If you don’t like it then you can get your money back when you sell it. But if you do like sewing then you’ve bought a machine that you will actually like sewing on and continue to sew.

But if you buy a cheap machine that only gives you trouble, then more than likely you won’t be sewing for long. I did this when I had to down size and I sold off all my very nice sewing machines and had to buy one online. It’s quite an adjustment as a veteran sewer. It’s like being use to riding in a limo all day, to driving yourself in a school bus. Not that comfortable adjustment to make.

What I did was buy one under $400 but I’ll talk about that later one. For today we’ll talk about buying one under $200 for beginner sewers.

Janome Pink Sewing Machine Under $200

I’m starting out with the Janome because that is the first machine I bought for myself. I really like these machines. And I love this pink one! But you can get this machine in mint green and blue.

Janome Best Sewing Machine Under $200

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Pro: Love the color, the price and that it’s a basic machine that has more than one stitch. Easy to use and fun to look at. Simple and easy to use.

Con: I don’t like the bobbin, it’s clumsy to try and fit back into place. No thread cutter or automatic threader. Dog feet don’t go down, but it does come with a darning plate for free motion sewing.

Janome Pink Sewing Machine

Overall I like this the best Janome sewing machine for under $200. it’s fun to look at and it has many stitches that is perfect for the beginner sewer. If you love looking at your machine your more than likely to keep sewing on it. If you’re buying this for a child, then I say go for it! No matter if a boy or girl, just pick a different color. I’ve added this to my wish list for Christmas too! Would be a nice additional sewing machine to have set up for simple sewing or to take with you weighs 12 lbs.



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