Best Sewing Machine For Quilting Under $200

Many of us enjoy quilting and finding a budget sewing machine can be tricky. I’ve found the best sewing machine for quilting under $200. You need a few things to make sewing quilts easier, like a walking foot for one. I’ve made them without it and if your doing straight lines a walking foot is a really game changer.

Best sewing machine for quilting under $200

If you don’t use one with all those layers, you’ll be left with a quilt that, where the fabric is moved so much that you won’t have fabric on the bottom anymore when you get to the edge. Ask me how I know that. Lol!

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I think that was a lot of beginner problems, like not having enough pins in the fabric and going way to fast. Anyway, lets look a what I’ve found for you that will help you when your sewing quilts.

Best Sewing Machine For Quilting Under $200

Best Sewing Machine For Quilting Under 200
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Now you can piece a quilt on any machine. All you’re doing is sewing scrap fabric in a straight line. So basically any machine can do that. But if you want to sew more fabric, then you’ll need to change a few things. A walking foot is a must if you’re doing straight lines. It keeps the fabric from bunching up and moving around as you sew.

I have to say I love the Brother CS600i Sewing and Quilting Machine the best for under $200.

If you want to do more of a quilted look with swoops and curves then you need to be able to sew with the foot up and many machines won’t let you do that. It’s called “Free Motion”. I’ve not done much of that type of sewing. I think I can remember only making one small quilt like that. But that’s about to change as I go about my challenge to use up my scrap fabric on many projects and that’s one skill I want to work on more. Great thing my machine has those features already.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple to use display stitch selector
  • Easy threading
  • Adjustable sewing speed
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Oversize table
  • Super bright work area light
  • Easy bobbin winding
  • Built in free are for sewing cuffs and sleeves
  • Hard protective case
  • Drop in bobbin
  • See through bobbin lid
  • Darning foot included for free motion sewing
  • Great price
  • Walking foot for quilting
  • Quilting guild to keep stitches evenly spaced


  • Tension issue but follow this advice. (Number one thing is that you MUST thread the machine with the needle AND presser foot in the UP position.
  • Be wary of sewing with light fabric or overly heavy fabric. You much use the correct needles that will fix many problems.

Overall I think this is a wonderful beginner machine that also quilts! If you are looking for a budget machine that has many features then this would be my pick. For the more advanced sewing I recommend getting a more expensive machine around $500. But if that’s not in the budget this machine will do you nicely.

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