Best Brother Sewing Machine Under $200

Some people like a certain brand of sewing machine. They either had that brand for years and years or their mother or grandmother used one type of machine. Today we’ll be looking at the best Brother sewing machine under $200.

The stories are different for each person. I myself like them all! I do have favorites of course, but I have a collection of many brands, yes I admit to having a problem, don’t we all have something that really makes us happy. Sewing machines are my happy place.

Let’s talk a look at the best Brother sewing machine under $200, that will give us a good beginner machine that will last for years.

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Best Brother Sewing Machine Under $200

Best Brother Sewing Machine under $200

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I have a fondness for Brother sewing machines because I used to have one and when I bought a new one I sold it to my step mother for her to sew on and she loves it. Now was a more expensive model than this one. And I recommend that you buy the most expensive machine you can afford. But for just starting out this machine will last you for years and years.

It’s basic but has so many add-ons that make this machine Amazing! The Brother CS7000i Computerized Sewing Machine, has many nice features but lets look at the pros and cons first.


  • Easy to thread
  • Easy to fill bobbin
  • Automatic buttonhole maker
  • Great value for the money, no matter if you’re a beginner of a pro, this machine has many features that the expensive machines have for way less money.
  • Lightweight 18lbs
  • Push button start/stop/reverse and speed.
  • Drop in bobbin.


  • Not great with heavy fabric, that’s why I have a heavy vintage machine for jeans. But if you change the feet you might have better luck with it and go slow.
  • Tension issues with the older model Brother CS6000I, they might have fixed it in this model, just be on the look out for it. Changing the foot might fix the problem.
  • Poor light, but that’s with most machines. Buy a clamp on light, I have this one.
  • Lacy fabric getting stuck when sewing. Yes that is a problem with most machines. Go slow and use the correct needle or new needle when working with delicate fabrics.

Now that we have the pros and the cons over with, let’s take a look at this machine. It’s a very popular brother machine or well the CS6000I is. I thought I would look at the newer model.

We have an automatic needle threader which I love. It’s got the adjustable speed, so if you have a heavy I do. Then you can slow down the machine so it only sews slow. That’s helpful for beginners to help you learn to slow down when sewing.

70 built-in stitches from utility, quilting, decorative and heirloom stitches. I love that about this machine is all the stitches that you get. I also love the new design, it’s much prettier than the older model.

You get 10 extra sewing feet! That’s amazing for a machine under 200 bucks. It comes with the 1/4″ piecing foot that is very nice for quilting and the spring action quilting and the walking foot too! Wow! You also get a button hole foot and one for overcasting. A monogramming, zipper, zigzag, binding stitch and blind stitch foot. You also get a button sewing foot with a quilt guide.

One of the best things I love about this machine is the wide table for larger projects. I had to buy mine separate for $100. This is a wonderful tool to have added to you sewing machine. Plus you get a hard case to cover it up when your not sewing. You would be so surprised just how dusty they become after they sit around unattended. The case saves valuable sewing time, when you don’t have to clean off the dust first. 🙂

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Best Sewing Machine Under $200

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