5 Best Sewing Machines Under $200

Are you looking to buy your first sewing machine on a budget? Here’s my list of the 5 Best Sewing Machines Under $200.

5 best sewing machines under $200

No matter if you’re a beginner or you’ve been sewing for a while and want to replace your old vintage machine. Finding a machine that you can afford but still has all the features you need can be confusing. I’ve been buying machines now for…whoops, not saying!

Anyway it’s a long time, I have to say that you don’t need to buy an expensive sewing machine to sew awesome things. They are so overpriced!

I’ve found in my buying frenzy over the years that you can get an awesome sewing machine for under $200 and I’ve found five of them that made my list.

Best Janome Sewing Machine under $200

This first one is of course one of my favorite brands. I bought my first $5000 Janome back in the early 90’s. It took me a few years to pay that thing off. Wow! But I’ve never paid that much money again for a machine. I got thrifty and it’s really paid off.

This Adorable Pink Janome sewing machine has a lot of the features that my big expensive machine has for a much cheaper price. Read More Here…

Best Brother Sewing Machine Under $200

Wait, did I say that Janome was my favorite brands? Well Brother comes in a fast second in my sewing room. This baby is one of the best selling budget sewing machines out there. I can’t tell you how many YouTube video’s there is out there about this machine. I love to watch those when I get stuck on something. With 60 built in stitches you’ll be making things like crazy.

My brother machine was one I bought after I sold my expensive machine when we had money troubles. I was devastated at the time, but it taught me a big lesson. You don’t need to buy an expensive machine to sew.  Read More Here…

Best Singer Sewing Machine Under $200

Ok, I sound like a broken record but Singer is my favorite brand of sewing machine. This little singer machine has over 100 stitches to play around with, which is awesome! My mom made me a sewing machine cover that is just a quilted square then she added a bunch of decorative stitches all over it. Wow it’s cute and keeps my machine from getting dust all over it.

I also really like the reviews on this one, a lot of positive reviews. Some of those you have to take with a grain of salt as some people can’t fix a small problem like a piece of thread fiber in the bobbin area, can really make a machine not want to work right. Read more here…

Best Sewing Machine For Quilting Under $200

I know a lot of you are wanting to sew quilts and any machine can sew quilt pieces together, it’s when you add in another layer of fabric and the center, that’s when things can get tricky. I’ve really did some research on that when I was buying my latest machine which I’ll be talking about later on. If you’re just getting started then this machine would be great! Read more here…

Best Embroidery Sewing Machine For Home Business

This machine doesn’t fall under the $200 mark but it is something to think about when you’re wanting to buy a sewing machine that will embroidery. This machine Only does Embroidery, you can’t sew with it. So if you’re wanting to sew more then don’t read about this machine.

But if you’re thinking that you might like to start a embroidery sewing business, which can be quilt lucrative. Then you want to read this Before you head out and buy a machine that cost thousands of dollars, most mom’s I work with don’t buy those machines at all. Read More Here…

The best advice I can give you when you’re thinking of buying your first sewing machine or just a new one. Is to think about what you want to sew. If you’re going to sew a lot of quilts then just look at machines that sew quilts and can handle all that fabric, plus you want a wide throat area and a slide in table for more sewing area to hold that massive fabric. Check around and read what machines other people are using. I hope you liked my article 5 best sewing machines for under $200.

5 Best Sewing Machines Under $200


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