10 Easy Sewing Projects For Beginners -1 Hour Bags and More

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When you first get started sewing my best advice is to start with a small easy project. Get some successes under your belt before starting a big sewing project. Start with something really simple like these 10 Easy Sewing Projects For Beginners. I really love the little drawstring bags!

10 Easy Sewing Projects For Beginners

Bags Make Great Gifts!

These bags are great gift givers, you can choose from many colors and patterns of fabric. I plan on making all my Christmas gift bags this year and I have birthday coming up so I’ll be doing my own Stash Busting¬† with some of my birthday fabric I’ve collected over the years.

I also have been saving a bunch of Christmas fabrics that I now have a full tub of that kind of fabric, what the heck was I thinking?! This will be perfect to use up that stash and everyone can reused the bags the next time they want to give a gift. So REALLY it will be like giving them TWO gifts in one. The gift and the bag!

I’ve searched the web and found 10 easy sewing projects for beginners- 1 hour or less bags for you, from various sewing blogs. Let’s take a look shall we.

10 Easy Sewing Projects For Beginners -1 Hour Bags or Less

Easy Sewing Project Bags

The first bags are from Molly, super simple to make and perfect for a beginner sewing to start with, using just the scraps of fabric you have laying around the sewing room. They take about 20 minutes to create.  Plus you can always just make them all the same color too to save time. By cutting them all out then sewing them all first then add the handles. You can sew up quite a few at a time doing it that way. These bags are great gift givers or even easy sewing projects to sell if you wanted to start making money with your sewing machine.

Sewing projects for beginners drawstring bags

I love drawstring bags! This bag was made by Melly Sews Little girl. It’s that easy to make! I love to sew easy things that are also very useful and this sewing project is perfect for beginners, giving confidence to sew more and more. Plus they make perfect gifts! I will be making many of these over the holidays and I’m really loving the drawstring bags the best for gift giving.¬† This pattern will be my go to pattern for my Christmas bags this year. Give it a try yourself.

easy sewing project grocery bag holder

I was surprised to see this easy grocery bag as a beginner project. I hadn’t even thought to make one. Wow, what a perfect gift to give like the drawstring bag, it’s so useful. How many grocery bags do you have laying around the house. I have a gob of them all stuffed in the kitchen pantry closet. This would really organize my closet.

Easy sewing project drawstring fabric gift bag

I am in love with the cuteness of these little drawstring bags, super easy to sew up and they are different from the other bags in the way these are made, they are simple but very stylish. See just how many different bags you can make that are simple, and yet stylish enough that you won’t be embarrassed to give as a gift.


Did you know that all my purses that I use everyday are handmade? But I didn’t make them. lol! That’s all going to change this year. I even have one all cut out, I just need to sew it together. Pitiful! There’s a local lady that I see at festivals and events I see around our neighborhood and I always buy a new purse from her each year. I LOVE them and love to support local crafters. Don’t you?

I am planning on making my own very soon, to help out with my Stash Busting year ahead. This cute Tote Bag is not only simple but very stylish too just by adding more than one pattern to the outside of the bag.

Purlsoho Tote Bag project for beginners

This easy Tote Bag would be perfect made out of denim or canvas fabric. Great for a knitting bag or grocery bag or even for books. I love that they are lined, that gives a more finished look and fun looking as well. Just a tad bit more work but the rewards will give you a nice tote bag with style.

1 hour bag beginning sewing project

What a cute bag! I just love simple sewing projects, that looks like it took you days to make. This One Hour Bag is perfect beginner sewing project. I’m loving the color of this bag too, and the light color inside fabric makes it easy to find things deep in the bottom of your purse. My (purse lady) makes all her purses that way. You really don’t think about it until your in low light and stubbing around to find your car keys at night in the bottom of your bag. Trust me go with light color on the inside and you’ll see how nice it is.

DIY Tote Bags

These cute DIY Tote Bags are a little bit different as they have a more square bottom. Very easy to do and it make your bag so much nicer. Great little trick to learn how to sew so your bags will sit nicely on a flat surface.

Ruffled Tote Bag To Sew

After you’ve made a couple things you might want to learn how to make ruffles. This is the cutest ruffled tote bag and I love how she alternated the pink with the black. It really is stunning! And believe it or not, it’s not that hard to make ruffles. You just need to pin more than usual to get the placement right. But what you end up with is amazing!


Sew Easy Halloween Bags

Last bag on my list fun Halloween bags. These are super easy and what fun to create for this Halloween! It’s funny, I love Halloween the best and I bet I don’t have ANY fabric in my stash. I think that’s the fabric that I actually use up when I buy it. Oh well, I always love to buy more fabric and this would be a perfect beginner project. Even the kids would love to make their own treat bag for them self. I think everyone should learn how to sew. Boys can sew too and this might be the perfect project to get them started.

I hope I’ve given you some ideas to get you started sewing. It sure helped me out and I can’t wait to get started with some of these projects for the holidays.




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